Benefits of Owning a Cat

Unfortunately, spending the day re-watching “funny cat videos” on Youtube, and yes we said re-watching, doesn’t mean these privileges extend to you.


However, if you own a real cat then lucky you!


You’ve chosen the purr-fect pet!




Owning a cat has some really cool benefits.

Firstly, they have nine lives. Okay not literally, but its a cool thing to say.

In all seriousness cat owners are 30% less likely to die from a stroke because owning a cat is very calming and therapeutic.

Cats are also generally very trustworthy. Which means you are more trustworthy.

So tip for any dishonest people out there. Buy a cat. 

Owning a cat is also a pretty good indication that you’re a genius. Cat owners are smarter than dogs. Put simply, if you work long hours and have a busy schedule you are more likely to buy a cat, because they require less work.

So yeah, like we said, you’re probably a genius.

And because you are spending so much of your time doing smart people things, you don’t really have that much free time to socialise. Which bring us onto another benefit of owning a cat.

It is said that owning a cat makes you more sociable, because you spend all day talking to your pet, even though you know they can’t answer you back.

Don’t stress we said more sociable, not crazy.

And by talking to your pet all day, you work up some really good conversation starters and in general just clean up on your social skills.

And with these new social skills, you will probably find yourself more likely to get into a relationship.

And who wouldn’t want to date you with killer new pick up lines like “put that down” and “stop scratching my face”.

Cat owners are generally more calm and relaxed and these are definitely qualities you might look for in your prospective significant other. So chances are that they probably own a cat as well.

Which is great, because you’ll always have something to talk about! 

And finally, owning a cat helps protect the environment. 

Owning a cat releases the same amount of carbon footprint that a small sized hatchback would. So good on you!

So to all you cat loving Youtubers out there.. its probably time to go get yourself a cat. Like a real one.






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