Pet Friendly Cafes Around the World

Sometimes just going for a walk or playing at the park doesn’t sound appealing.

And if your pet is tired, you are hungry, and you don’t want to leave them at home alone, there aren’t many options for you.

To solve this, we have compiled a list of really great pet-friendly brunch spots in a range of locations around the world! 

So now you can have your avo on toast with your pet by your side.

Thank-us later 😉 




Pier 1 Café: great views and an even greater incentive to bring your pooch, because you can treat them to a hotdog! It is a very dog friendly environment, and a great weekend hangout.

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company: located on 46th Avenue, this is a very city central, busy and pet-friendly atmosphere.

The Bean: a very dog friendly environment, with a juice bar that is constantly raved about. This cafe has a very local, hipster vibe to it, and is ideal for anybody who wants to relax in a chill environment. It is also a great spot to hang out on your laptop or get some work done.


MatchaBar: this place is located in Sunset Boulevard, and has everything matcha, that your pet is bound to love as well. Very earthy vibes and the food is super healthy as well, which is an even better incentive to give it a visit!

Poppy+Rose: very popular cafe, with great food, good vibes and an overall very energetic, large open space and friendly environment.


Hive Coffee Bar: the Hive is known for its “hive” themed decor and strong aesthetic qualities. It is a very pet-friendly hangout, that is definitely worth a visit. And they make fantastic coffee!

Café La View: has a real local vibe to it. Free Wi-fi, a comfortable environment and little hints of nature surrounding you. Cafe La View is the perfect brunch spot to hang out with your pooch.


The Waterfront Café: if you are looking for the ideal pet friendly cafe then look no further than The Waterfront Cafe! With live music on the weekend and an outdoors area, located right on the water, this is the ideal destination to relax if you are in Chicago.


Grenadier Café: this cafe is located in the centre of High Park which is located adjacent to one of Torono’s most popular off-leash dog parks. And with all day breakfast, what more could you want?

The Black Bull: has a huge patio, offers billiards and its vintage decor creates an old historic vibe, which makes it a pretty cool hangout. They even bring out cold water for dogs on warm days.

Sassafraz: French inspired Canadian food, with a classy, modern vibe to it located in the heart of historic Yorkville.



Top Paddock Café: very large, spacious cafe located in the heart of Richmond. And with a variety of breakfast and lunch foods available, this is an ideal hangout for you and your pet.

The Kettle Black: with a terrace house, and speciality hotcakes, The Kettle Black is known for its food, location and exceptional service. Definitely worth a visit.

The Middle Child: small, locally run coffee shop known for their great service, coffee and pet friendly environment. Perfect location to walk your pet as well, because it is located right on a river and next to various parks.


The Hanging Ladder: cool hangout and great vibes. And of course, they have a ladder on their ceiling. 


The Society Club: perfect spot for any art lover or appreciator because the Society Club is a gallery, bookstore, cafe and cocktail bar all in one! And you can bring your pooch. We’re sold! 

Shake Shack: order your dog a Pooch-ini made from Shackburger dog biscuits, peanut buter sauce and vanilla custard or a burger and fries for you and some friends, in Shake Shacks large open space restaurant. Ideal hangout for a day out.

Hampsteads Doggy Sunday Brunch: located in Hampstead, this day out will cost you 35 euros for a three course meal. Your pet will love it too, because they get to eat pet nutritionist approved beef and chicken empanadas and get a goodie bag! But wait it gets better… 5 euros per dog is also donated to an animal charity.


Takapuna Beach Cafe: right on the water, this fantastic location offers exceptional service and quality cuisine. Great place to spend the day by the beach, with your beloved pet by your side. 


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