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Ten Pets that fit into a 9-5 Lifestyle

Are you aching for constant love, affection and attention?

Do you want to come home to a pet that loves you?

But do you have a busy work and social life?

Factoring in your lifestyle is really important when determining the best pet to buy for you and your family.

You need to consider how much time and attention the pet needs. And not just minimum time to feed and play with them, but additional time for you and your pet to spend together.

Your home and living condition also need to be taken into consideration. For instance, it would be cruel to adopt a Border Collie if you live in a small apartment, because they would require lots of exercise and space to run around. 

Ultimately, research is the name of the game.

And you shouldn’t think that just because you have a busy work and social schedule, that you can’t own a pet.

Which is why we have compiled a list below of pets that require minimal maintenance, but lots of love and care!


Budgies are a really great breed of bird that the whole family is guaranteed to love and adore. If you are really short on time you should consider purchasing two budgies so they have constant company, however, keep in mind you will need to work harder to bond with them.

They require at least an hour of entertainment a day, and will probably mimic you in this time, which can be highly entertaining.

And you can get away with only cleaning out their cage once a week. In addition, they are extremely cost-effective, starting at $20.

Guinea Pigs

There are endless benefits to having a guinea pig! They are extremely cute and affectionate and don’t tend to bite.

They are a great addition to your family if you have children and will fit perfectly into a 9-5 lifestyle.

You will need to let them have some free time out of their cage and a decent amount of space to roam about, but you can do this when you get home from work or in the mornings.

They usually live between 4-6 years and as long as you work on building a relationship with your new guinea pig, they will really warm up to you and shortly become a part of the family.

Leopard Geckos

Geckos make pretty cool household pets and you will be sure to stand out amongst your family and friends. These creatures are extremely gentle and don’t tend to grow larger than 7-10 inches.

The only real requirement they need is heat above their tank to stay healthy as well as humid shelter.

A plastic hideout or secure area in their enclosure is crucial as well, as this is what makes them most comfortable.

Leopard Geckos make a great household pet, and as long as you wash your hands after petting them and maintain a level of hygiene around them to avoid salmonella, they can live up to 20 years.


Fish are an easy, visually aesthetic and entertaining way to add colour and decor to your home.

You can get away with cleaning out your fish tank once a week. And they also add a sense of charm and style to your house.

They are extremely easy to maintain and there are a wide variety of breeds of fish to choose from.


Cats are easy to maintain and require minimal attention, especially as they get older.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t give your cat lots of love and affection, but they are usually more independent than dogs and have a natural self-cleaning mechanism.

They can entertain themselves and roam freely inside or outside the home. They are truly a great animal companion to have for anybody without an abundance of spare time.

You can also choose whether you would prefer an inside or outside cat, to further cater to your lifestyle needs.


Hamsters are super furry, cute animals who are happy living in solitude in their cages.

Just be careful if you are purchasing two of the opposite sex as they reproduce quite rapidly and in only two weeks time.

These are a great pet choice for those who are time conscious as hamsters can be left to fend for themselves as long as they have food, water and some sort of entertainment.


Rabbits are a great choice for a pet if you are space and time conscious.

They are extremely gentle animals who prefer living in a quiet environment.

The only real caution when considering if you should buy a rabbit or not, is their specific diet, as they are vegetarian and have a very delicate digestive system. But this is just something to keep in mind and be prepared for.


Turtles can live up to 40 years!

They do require a big tank that needs lots of equipment, but are a great low maintenance pet.

Certain breeds, such as Painted turtles, adapt to new environments quickly and don’t require much exercise either.

As long as they are fed, have a shallow bed of water in their enclosure and a dry area to cool off, they are quite placid and happy creatures. 


Snakes, depending on the type of breed you purchase, can live for more than two decades!

Corn snakes are a popular breed to buy as household pets, as well as Milk or Ball Pythons, as they are neither large or venomous.

Hermit Crabs

Food, water and shelter. Easy right?

Hermit crabs are a great easy pet for families! They only really need a bowl of salt water in their enclosure as well as some dry land to to be comfortable.

They do not reproduce in captivity and because they are nocturnal and like travelling in groups, you can purchase multiple of them and be rest assured that they will be happy and entertained.

If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them! Comment below. 

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