Five Ways to Get Active with your Dog

Exercising can sometimes feel like a burden.

And if you find that you can’t be bothered staying fit some days, then it is reasonable to assume that your pet can also feel lazy and unmotivated. 



Obesity in dogs is an issue that is worsening in households around the world.

In a 2017 study conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention almost 55% of dogs were considered to be overweight. This statistic is highly alarming, especially considering that obesity is the foundation for other medical and physical problems, such as diabetes and shortness of breath.

So what does this mean? It means no more blaming it on the weather, or using the excuse “I can’t be bothered” or “I have no one to go with!”.

Here are five clever and creative ways to get active and fit with your fur-friend by your side and a great way to simultaneously embark on a journey of health and fitness!



Dog Yoga – what a great idea!

Doga is a creative way to ensure that both you and your dog are staying active.

Some studios, such as Melbourne’s UpDog Yoga also arrange outdoor fitness classes and dog-friendly hiking, so you can change up your work out regime when you feel like it. 

You can find Doga classes virtually everywhere, and they are a great way to bond with your pet on a more spiritual level, whilst remaining fit, healthy and active.

K9 Fit Club

Tricia Montgomery is the inspiration behind America’s iconic K9 Fit Club.

After battling obesity herself and passing on some bad health habits to her dog, Tricia decided that it was time to change and time to get up and get fit!

With classes ranging from Bark and Burn, Namasitstay and Just the Dog, Montgomery has come up with over a dozen classes that incorporate fitness and spending quality time with your pet.

She has hired dog behaviourists, trainers and doctors for both dogs and people, to ensure both get the best out of their workout.


Spending the day outdoors is a great way for you and your beloved canine friend to take in some nature, bond and spend quality time together.

Exercising outdoors has so many more additional benefits than a classroom, and you can base your workout around the physical ability and limitations of both you and your dog.


One of the best way to exercise with your pooch is to head outdoors and go for a run.

It is cheap, convenient and easy for any and every dog owner.

You can even choose to do this in a small group or attend classes through an organisation if you prefer running with others.

Go Fetch Run is a company that organises running fitness groups with dogs in both San Antonio and New York City. 


Woof-fit offers cardio, strength, endurance, core and flexibility training in Toronto, Canada.

You can choose to have a one-on-one session with your pooch and a fitness trainer, or participate in group exercise activities. 

This is a great, fun way to change up your normal exercise regime and be trained by a qualified professional trainer.

It is also a great way to teach your dog manners and obedience whilst simultaneously spending time together and building a stronger connection.


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