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Purebred dogs are considered to be the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing types of canine, which is why breeding is such a controversial industry and practice that occurs globally. 

Breeding is often linked with issues in society such as animal homelessness and euthanasia as it decreases the opportunity for shelter dogs to be adopted, which is why the phrase has so many negative connotations associated with it.

Statistics show that within six years one female dog and her offspring can give birth to up to 70,000 puppies. Whilst every year millions of lost and unwanted dogs, cats, bunnies and all other kinds of pets end up in animal shelters around the world. 

This overpopulation then turns into pets being euthanised, which is the disgusting truth and consequence of this practice. 

Due to modern technological societal developments in addition to changes in lifestyle, more and more people are opting not to have pets as they are are becoming increasingly busier in their day to day lives.

This is why adopting shelter pets as opposed to supporting the breeding industry is so crucial. Shelters adopt a wide range of pets, from placid older breeds to energetic younger animals, that you can correlate and suit to your living conditions and individual lifestyle.

In addition to this you are saving a life, which is the most rewarding gift of all. And although it might be completely acceptable to purchase from a responsible breeder, the issue at hand is that there are too many dogs and not enough homes. And the only way to resolve this prevalent societal issue is to find a balance with the supply and demand issue at hand.  

Animal shelters are only responsible for approximately 20% of the pets accounted for in peoples homes, which is a highly alarming statistic. 

Essentially it is our responsibility to give each and every animal a loving and caring home and the issue of supply and demand is an issue that we, as a society, have created, so we shouldn’t subject these innocent animals to euthanasia because of it. 

Breeders should be exposed to more restrictive rules and regulations so that there are fewer of them operating. Regular checks to ensure that they are working ethically and legally should also be implemented.

And as opposed to purchasing purebred dogs and cats from breeders, as a society and community we should be focusing on advertising and marketing pet shelters more heavily across social media and to our individual networks.

If you are after a particular purebred dog or cat, many rescue organisations can assist you with this. And you can speak with them about what animal or breed is ideal for you and your family which reduces the alarming high turnover rate of returned and exchanged animals.

We need to solve the supply and demand issue at hand. And we need to solve it fast. 



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